A series of newest on screen Takeoff and Estimating tools to improve your bid estimating process

STACK Construction Technologies has introduced a series of on screen Takeoff and Estimating tools useful for professional contractors as well as commercial roof estimators. The roof estimators can use these estimating tools to create estimating from satellite images for various types of sloped and flat roofing.

Stalk construction estimating software series available in three different ranges like Stack Estimating, Stack Takeoff & Stack Plan Viewer and offer the following benefits to the construction professionals:-

  • Improve bid accuracy with user-friendly interface and bid more work in quickest possible time.
  • Minimize bid errors through color coded takeoffs & exceedingly detailed quantity estimates supported with verified formulas.
  • Save huge time and facilitates the owner to bid supplementary projects devoid of hiring additional personnel
  • Access the software from any place like office, jobsite and home as well from smart phones.
  • Advanced blueprint takeoff, markup & measuring tools.
  • Automatic page naming and naming any plan files.
  • Export takeoff to PDF & spreadsheet.
  • Pre-built items catalog.
  • Custom formula editor.

Watch the following online demo:-


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Arka Roy




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