UK government declared nine new industry designed degree apprenticeships in surveying and engineering

Businesses, universities and colleges will join hands to build up practical degree courses which will involve the academic knowledge of a established university degree with practical experience.

Apprentices will be able to manage their time amid normal university study and obtain a full degree, while working as well as experiencing practical job experience in their selected profession.

Various sectors like chartered surveying, electronic systems engineering, defence systems engineering and power engineering among others will be entitles to degree apprenticeships. They are co-designed by employers to develop huge employment opportunities for apprentices.

Some of the courses will also initiate professional registration or chartered status through a professional body.

Presently over 100 companies are dealing with 20 universities, and 70 universities are showing interest in providing degree apprenticeships in near future.

Degree apprenticeships will be compatible with small and large businesses, facilitating SME sectors superior access to graduate talent.

They will pursue the apprenticeship trailblazer funding model financially backed by the government with two-thirds of the total cost of the degree course as well as by the employers donating the other third.

Degree apprenticeships will offer great advantages to the people including a full degree with the real practical skills obtained in work and the financial protection of a standard pay packet.

Thus the world of business and the world of education will depend on each other and the superior-level technical expertise required for the future job opportunities will be created.


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