Webeye cms is an exclusive construction app to monitor the situation in your construction jobsite

WebEye CMS is the world’s first ever complete cloud supported self observation solution toward the RSI Videofied wireless video alarm system. This construction app is compatible with all android devices.

For any theft or danger situation, the construction professionals can push the SOS panic button or the discreet hot key panic button in-built with the device to transmit an alert to the other commissioned devices for tracking the location of the situation in real time.

This high speed & fully authentic application will facilitate the construction professionals to get rid of any criminal activities and thus enhance the security of the jobsite workers to a great extent.

Webeye puts up the supervising of alarm systems via two ways ranging from a modern browser on any PC or tablet, or a smart phone app.

  • The browser system facilitates the construction professionals to install their own surveillance station with least cost. Here a modern browser is essential.
  • The smart phone app system facilitates to display the related site name, date/time of activation and type of alarm through an alarm list in the smart phone.

For more information, visit www.webeyecms.com


Published By

Arka Roy



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