Electrical Estimating Methods (RSMeans) – an exclusive estimating book for electrical estimators & contractors

Wayne J. Del Pico has written an exclusive book alias Electrical Estimating Methods (RSMeans) 4th edition. This construction estimating book contains an extensive database of electrical costs and electrical materials which are based RS Means Database.

This estimating book facilitates the electric estimators as well as electrical contractors to apply superior electrical estimating processes through most updated electrical cost data, materials and practices.

With this book the electrical contractors will be able to provide the total cost for materials, labor, overhead and profit precisely.

The book focuses on the following aspects:-

  • Analysis of up-to-date equipment, materials, and processes
  • RS Means data for both residential and commercial projects
  • Case studies that demonstrate greatest practices
  • Avail the current RS Means data online for quick access on the job

Electrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition consists of 120+ topics in 26 chapters for exhaustive guideline on offering estimates for virtually any electrical task or project. This edition is aimed at revealing recent labor–hour productivities and practices for procuring material prices compliant with legitimate industry standards and most excellent practices.

The following features are included in this estimating book:-

  • Tables for calculating labor–hours for a series of tasks and conditions
  • Directives for procuring the most synchronized material prices
  • Fresh chapters on electrical demolition, change orders, and project closeout offer a in-depth system to estimating
  • Industry standards and greatest practices from document review with bidding strategies
  • Analysis on bidding strategies, pre–bid scheduling for time sensitive costs, and computer estimating

The contains 288 pages and available in Kindle edition.

Buy the book from Amazon

Wayne J. Del Pico has written an exclusive book alias Electrical Estimating Methods (RSMeans) 4th edition.


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