Sage 100 Contractor Demo

Sage 100 Contractor which was earlier known as Sage Master-builder Construction Software is construction software that has gone beyond basic accounting, putting you in whole control of your construction projects.

It boosted up level of competence and output with information that flows perfectly from job estimate to the job site to the financial statement.

It can supervise the construction accounting, project management, construction estimating, and service management all in a construction software solution.

Sage 100 Contractor has been in recent times updated and features a wide-ranging suite of modules covering the total job lifecycle.

With a simpler design to cut down your learning curve, and improve the service management, vendor, reporting and other abilities to enhance your efficiency, Sage 100 Contractor gives all the tools you require to work and manage your increasing construction or contractor business.

Sage 100 Contractor which was earlier known as Sage MasterBuilder Construction Software

With Sage 100 Contractor, you obtain:

Enhanced ability for service departments Quicker report search Improved contact and vendor management Ability to email stubs for direct deposit Tighter job-level security Faster validation of purchase orders, invoices, and committed costs.

If you’re looking to go beyond spreadsheets or basic general accounting software to a construction system that joins accounting, project management, estimating and service management all in one place, take to be an upgrade to Sage 100 Contractor.

Reference:- Sage Construction and Real Estate


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