Download MEP Estimating Software

The Viewpoint MEP Estimating (Which was earlier known as Maxwell Estimation) is actually a sophisticated estimating programme altogether.

It has range of specialization such as generating estimates, takeoff for HVAC, mechanical, residential and commercial plumbing and electrical firms.

It consists of trade-specific abilities of estimation to generating the help of most of the accurate and financially reasonable estimates possible.

This software also consists of a database update with most recent price for materials and labour for every industry.

The viewpoint MEP Estimating also includes some salient features in the likes of:

There is also some “what-if” analysis. The integrated takeoff module permits users to download plans from online plan rooms and use them to generate takeoffs devoid of stylus pens and digitizer boards. GTCO’s Rollup Digitizer and Rigid Digitizer integrate with the system to streamline the takeoff process, if estimators prefer to use digitizer boards.

The Rollup Digitizer is a smile digitizer set up for utilizing in the field and designed to effortlessly roll up into a convenient carrying case, while the Rigid Digitizer is an everlasting fixture offering a more traditional digitizer board. In addition to all this, users ill take pleasure in a conversion calculator, CAD file integration, automatic scaling, and other features.

Viewpoint has exact solutions for every role in the project ecosystem as part of its integrated product platform, from mobile apps to serve up the field staff to content management solutions for estimators and contract administrators. It’s a best fit for any type of contractor, business role, or project role, including General Contractors, Subcontractors, CEOs, Suppliers, Architects, Project Managers, or Engineers.

Download MEP Estimating Software

MEP Estimating Software
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