Formwork for Concrete Structures – An exclusive e-book for construction engineers

Garold (Gary) Oberlender and Robert Peurifoy have jointly published an exclusive e-book alias Formwork for Concrete Structures. The book contains total 544 pages and available in kindle edition. This construction book is very useful for construction engineers, civil and structural engineers, architects, and contractors as it briefly explains the formwork design concept, materials and methods for concrete structures.

Formwork for Concrete Structures (Fourth Edition) presents most up-to-date information on designing and producing formwork and temporary structures while the construction progression is going on. The book is specifically created with the newest structural design proposed by the National Design Specification (NDS 2005). The book highlights the latest improvements toward materials, money- and energy-saving policies, safety standards, OSHA regulations, and dimensional tolerances. The latest sample problems demonstrate realistic applications for working out loads and stresses. This book also contains most updated summary tables and equations as well as a directory of suppliers.

The readers will get current information on forms for footings, walls, columns, beams and floor slabs, concrete floor sytems, thinshell roof slabs, architectural concrete, concrete bridge decks, flying decks, and much more.

The book covers the following topics :-

  • Economy of formwork
  • Pressure of concrete on formwork
  • Properties of form material
  • Form design
  • Shores and scaffolding
  • Failures of formwork
  • Forms for footings, walls, and columns
  • Forms for beams and floor slabs
  • Patented forms for concrete floor systems
  • Forms for thin-shell roof slabs
  • Forms for architectural concrete
  • Slipforms
  • Forms for concrete bridge decks
  • Flying deck forms

The book is available in Amazon

Formwork for Concrete Structures


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