How to use RCsolver software program to make the design of 2-way reinforced concrete slab

Dimitrios Mamoglou, the renowned engineer and software developer, has presented an exclusive video for construction constructor & construction estimator. This video shows how to design a two way reinforced concrete slab through RCsolver software program by following Eurocode 2 specifications.

RCsolver is the kind of software that is used to create the design and computation of reinforced concrete structural members. It makes all the calculations defined in the Eurocodes and ACI 318-11 toward the tensile and shear reinforcement of the structural members.

RCsolver helps the users to have a 3D digital view of the members and the reinforcement rebars. It is combined with Eurocode 2 and 8 specifications, together with the national annexes specifications concerning a great amount of European countries. The latest version of RCsolver consists of the ACI 318-11 specifications focusing concrete member design.

Eurocode 2 and EC2 are both short forms for BS EN 1992, Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures. There exist four parts to BS EN 1992 but while referring to Eurocode 2 a good number of people suggest BS EN 1992-1-1 general rules and rules for buildings.

For more information,

15-day free trial version is available for users.

2-way reinforced concrete slab


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