GoBeam 2014 – An exclusive construction program for structural analysis

Yakov Polyakov has developed GoBeam 2014, the exclusive spreadsheet based software, for construction professionals. This easy to use software can be very effective for constant beam analysis.

This useful construction program contains some handy features like static and moving loads, support settlements, non-linear analysis of beam on elastic foundation and influence lines analysis as well as flexible and column support conditions, hinges and variable beam.

Support for Modeling functionalities :-

  • Up to 100 spans
  • Concentrated and linear loads
  • Support displacement load
  • Free or fixed ends of the beam
  • Column supports (above or below)
  • Elastic and compression only supports
  • In-span hinges (moment release)
  • Variable beam stiffness within a span
  • Sway frame option (for beams with columns)


  • Static analysis
  • Beam on elastic foundation non-linear analysis
  • Support settlement analysis
  • Convey load analysis for user-defined lane+truck type of loads. Standards loads like HL93, CL-625, M 1600, Cooper E90 and others are included in truck database.
  • Influence lines of forces, support reactions and deflections
  • Multiple load cases
  • Load combinations
  • Force envelopes
  • Section properties calculator
  • SI and US customary units
  • Customized printing

Download the trial version of GoBeam.   

Continuous Beam Analysis for Excel



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