How to design a single reinforced concrete beam

This construction video will be very helpful for Civil Engineering Students to learn how to create the design concerning a singly reinforced concrete beam through step-by-step processes.

Reinforced concrete belongs to one of the primary building materials applied in engineered structures and it provides the following benefits :-

  • Reinforced concrete contains superior compressive strength with regards to most other materials utilized in construction.
  • Good fire resistance capability as compared to steel. It can defend against fire for a long period. It is also weather resistant.
  • It is endurable and offers low maintenance cost.
  • To some specific sorts of structures like dams, piers and footings, it can be the most cost effective structural material.
  • It can be cast to accommodate with the desired shape and extensively applied in pre-cast structural components.
  • It complies with unyielding members through least apparent deflection.
  • Yield strength of steel is about 15 times the compressive strength of structural concrete and well over 100 times its tensile strength.
  • Formability


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