Bubble deck slab system can reduce your building cost significantly

Bubble deck slab belongs to the kind of slab where bubbles or ellipsoid, formed with waste plastic material, are used to replace some portion of the concrete to lessen the self-weight of the structure.

This type of slab is designed by following the Euro and the British codes. In 1990, JORGEN BREUNING had developed a new system where ellipsoids are locked amid the top and bottom reinforcementmeshes and a natural cell structure is formed similar to a solid slab.

The slab is made having the same features of a solid slab, but contains significantly less weight because of the reduction of unnecessary concrete.

Bubble deck slab system was first introduced in The Millennium Tower in Holland.

Advantages of Bubble Deck Slab System:

  • Preserves 30 to 50 % weight than a equivalent solid slab – equal stiffness.
  • 20% concrete lessening in other components.
  • The decreased weight of the slab will lead to a modification in design to longer spans and/or condensed deck thickness.
  • It can be easily used with seismic as it minimizes the total weight of the building.
  • Minimize concrete usage – 1 kg recycled plastic substitutes 100 kg of concrete.
  • With this system the cost of the building is decreased by 8 to 10 %.
Bubble deck
Image Courtesy: blog.archpaper.com
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Arka Roy

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