How to design, model and analysis of Space Truss with SAP2000-19

This is an exclusive presentation for Civil Engineering students. By going through this construction video, one can learn how to create the design, modeling and analysis of Space Truss alias Triangular Arch Truss through SAP2000-19, an exclusive integrated, productive and practical structural program.

As defined by architecture and structural engineering field, a space frame or space structure refers to a truss-like, lightweight rigid structure built up with interwoven struts in a geometric shape. Space frames are applied to range vast areas by means of few interior supports.

Similar to truss, a space frame is endurable due to the constitutional hardness of the triangle. Adjustable loads (bending moments) are delivered as tension and compression loads along the length of each strut.

In a space truss or space frame structure, there exists a three-dimensional truss to combat with lateral forces. In a normal truss, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal members function on a single plane whereas a space truss applies diagonal connections which seperate outside of the plane.

A space truss generally appears as various interlocking pyramidal outlines. A tetrahedron shape belongs to the elementary space truss, containing six members which converge at four joints.

Structural Analysis: Space Truss – Download in PDF


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