B2W Estimate – An exclusive bid management software

B2W Estimate is known as BID2WIN previously. It is a useful construction software toward heavy construction contractors that can be applied for construction cost estimating and bid management efficiently. With B2W Estimate, the construction contractors get the ability to estimate material & labor costs as well as track vendor and subcontractor correspondence, manipulate documents like requests for quotations (RFQs) and manage bids.

More than 5,000 users from different corner of the world have used this bid management software. B2W Estimate supports Excel, the Department of Transportation (DOT) electronic bidding system and its sister project management product, B2W Track. Besides, It can work with various other accounting and project management systems like Viewpoint, Oracle, Dexter + Chaney, Foundation, Maxwell Systems and lots other.

B2W Estimate is launched for the sake of earthwork, paving, utility and other types of heavy/highway contractors. It deals with a wide array of projects spanning from bridges and tunnels, to marine and railroad, to landscaping and golf course projects. It is specifically useful for midsized and large contractors handling $5 million to over $500 million in revenue per annum.

B2W Estimate is created on the basis of Microsoft .NET and SQL Server platform. These are Microsoft Gold Partner, Oracle Gold Partner and Viewpoint Development Partner.

This construction estimating software offers the following benefits :-

  • It is useful for civil but inevitably vertical construction.
  • Capacity to generate crews instantly.
  • Capacity to figure out margin aside from markup.
  • I reduced my bid time by 25%
  • Capability to set up perfect and complete bids in a quickest possible time and decrease bid time by 25%

Link for download B2W Estimate – Estimating & Bidding Software

B2W Estimate – An exclusive bid management software


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