MITCalc Beam Calculation Software for analyzing stress and deflection of the beam

MITCalc Beam Calculation Software is a very handy excel based estimating program from MITCalc. Various constructional professionals like structural & mechanical engineer, design engineer, engineering draughtsman, technical employees can use this estimating program for creating estimation of straight, maximum three times static indefinite beams containing constant axis-symmetrical profiles. This construction application supports multi-language, Imperial and Metric units.

 MITCalc Beam Calculation Software offers the following functionalities:

• Clear description of the type of beam and its loading with visual check.
• Estimation of area characteristics of 20 types of cross sections
• Computation of reactions in supports.
• Estimation of least / highest bending moment, stress and deflection of the beam.
• Calculation and graphic demonstration of the moment, stress, deflection and bending angle of the loaded beam.

The application consists of a table of materials and a table of area characteristics of W, S, C, L profiles acc. to ANSI/AISC and I, U, L a T profiles acc. to DIN/ISO. Used standards: DIN 1025, 1026, 1028, 1029, 1024, AISC W, S, C, L, LU. This module is a part of MITCalc – Mechanical and Technical Calculation Package for gear, belt and chain drives, springs, beam, shaft, bolt connection, shaft connection, tolerances and many others.

Link for download MITCalc Beam Calculation Software

MITCalc Beam Calculation Software


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