PROKON 3.0 for structural analysis, design and detailing

PROKON, a software suite that contains forty structural analysis, design and detailing programs to simplify the Structural Analysis and Design process. The PROKON programs were first introduced in 1989, and nowadays PROKON is recognized globally.

The suite is modular type, but its effectiveness remains in the tight assimilation amid analysis, design and detailing programs.

PROKON is evolved and supported by a team of professional engineers and designed for the sake of structural engineers and technicians. The software can easily resolve day-to-day structural engineering problems in least time.

This construction program offers the following functionalities :-

• Frame and finite element analysis.

• Steel member design.

• Steel connection design.

• Reinforced and prestressed concrete design.

• CAD and reinforced concrete detailing.

• Timber member design.

• Masonry design.

• Other structural applications like section properties calculation and section database.

A series of geotechnical analysis modules is also accessible as part of the PROKON suite.

The link for download the latest version alias PROKON 3.0


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Arka Roy



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