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Mix design plays an important role in civil construction works. In order to obtain the perfect quantity of any construction site, use this user-friendly concrete mix design spreadsheet…
The online construction calculators facilitate the building contractor to make cost estimation instantly in the jobsite for different types of construction materials associated with a…

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Vink System Design & Analysis has developed an exclusive construction tool alias HertzWin calculator that can be used for Hertzian stress calculations. This construction calculator…
Alex Tomanovich has developed BASEPLT9. It is an excel based construction program that can be used for structural analysis specially for analyzing steel column base plates…

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A pile cap belongs to a mat that is placed on groups of piles and included in the part of foundation. Given below the details of pile cap design, shape, and dimensions…
When you develop a new home or go for home or room extension as well as renovate your home, use a cost estimating spreadsheet that will be useful for you to measure building costs…

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Materials and Machinery utilized: Batching plant, Transit mixer, Concrete pump, Vibrators, Chute and CI Pipes. Scope of the work: Labeling the slab, Setting the reinforcement…

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