RCM ACI-Builder Is A Useful Construction Program For Structural Engineers

RCM ACI-Builder is the newest construction program for structural engineers. They can use this software to create the design of various types of reinforced concrete members in accordance with ACI318M-11 code.

By using this software the structural engineers can obtain comple detailed design output contain full cormulas and explanatory figures. This adaptable construction software can provide perfect guidance to the structural engineers to master ACI Code.

RCM ACI-Builder Design Software offers the following functionalities:-

A. Design of flexural members (Rectangular and T-Shape Sections):
A.1-Find out section characteristic under balance case, singly reinforced section & doubly reinforced section.
A.2-Work out area of steel on the basis of applied moment.
A.3-Compute moment as per allotted area of steel.
B. Design of Shear under following cases:
B.1- Members based on shear and flexure only.
B.2- Members based on shear and axial compression.
B.3- Members subject to shear and vital axial tension.
C. Design of combined shear and torsion under both cases of compatibility and equilibrium torsion.
D. Design of punching for prestressed and non-prestressed members containing all column geometry cases: interior, edge & corner columns.
E. Manage immediate and long term deflection for beams and slabs.
F. Design of corbels and brackets.
G. Manage flexural cracking in beams and one-way slabs.
H. Design of pile-caps with most general geometry cases: 2,3,4,5 & Strip-Pile Caps.
I. Design of isolated footings under eccentrically and concentrically case of loading

RCM ACI-Builder is a useful construction program for structural engineers
Image Courtesy : www.onlinecivil.net

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