UQTO is one of the best quantity surveying softwares for Quantity Surveying Professionals

UQTO refers to an add-on toolbar available in Autocad (2010 to 2014). This quantity surveying software can simplify the Architectural, Civil and MEP quantity surveying process by performing the following functionalities accurately.

• Generates a unique group for all element types (Footings, Columns, Plastering, Paintings, etc…).

• Generates a unique code for all elements in each group and draws it on the drawing by auto counter.

• Produces a Tag/Dimension line for all elements to provide its code and desired quantity parameter (Length, Count, Area, etc…).

• Produces report for each group.

• Exports reports to Excel.

Some other important features :-

• All surveying data are saved within Autocad DWG file devoid of any special file types or other third party applications. No 3d party software program is needed to modify any surveying data that can be delivered and opened through a third party program.

• Produces perfect quantities spreadsheets instantly.

• Apply a professional system for coding and numbering all elements required for surveying.

• Get rid of copying the surveyed elements data manually as it is possible to export all data to excel with some mouse clicks.


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Arka Roy




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