An Exclusive Construction Tutorial On Bending Moment And Shear Force Diagram

Get brief ideas on bending moment and shear force induced in beam section through this construction video tutorial. Also learn the detailed process to draw SFD and BMD on the basis of this type of foundation.

A bending moment refers to the reaction induced in a structural element while using an external force or moment to the element for bending it. Beam is generally considered as the elemental structural element that is dependent on bending moments. Shear Force alias shearing force can be described as a force that functions on a substance in a perpendicular direction to the extension of the substance. Shear forces frequently leads to shear strain. Defiance to such forces in a fluid is connected with its viscosity.

If the beam is loaded at random, the internal forces and moments are formed and the shear force and bending moments occurs to examine the beams further.

Sheer force diagram (SFD) and bending moment diagram (BMD) are the most vital process for making initial design calculations of structural or machine elements.


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Arka Roy


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