Why Steel Roof Truss Is Better Than Timber Truss?

A truss is formed with an assembly of inflexible & elastic members which are connected as the triangles to perform like a beam. The tensile stress of mild steel is secure for working and it is approx. 20 times as compared to structural timber. Therefore, steel trusses are considered as cost-effective, particularly for largest extents. The angles are treated as the most vital elements for steel roof truss among different shapes of steel sections due to their capability to withstand both compressive and tensile stresses in an effective manner. The supplementary angles are created inexpensively as well as connected without any difficulty.

Benefits of steel roof truss as compared to timber truss are presented below:

1. Steel trusses last long as compared to timber trusses.

2. Steel sections that develop the truss are lightweight and are constructed in any preferred pattern to match the requirement of any architectural work.

3. As it is made with steel, the material is not damaged by white ants or other insects.

4. Steel trusses contain strong fire-resisting capacity as compared to timber trusses.

5. As there are no span limitations with steel trusses, they can be utilized for industrial buildings and various other structures where large areas can be covered devoid of any obstructions which may occur to columns etc.

6. The sections which develop a steel truss can be smoothly transported.

7. The sections are acquired in any preferred form or length to match the requirements and less wastage of the material occurs in cutting etc.

8. Due to their trouble-free erection methods, the advancement of roofing work with steel trusses can be done rapidly.

Article Source : www.dailycivil.com


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Arka Roy


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