How To Arrange Bar Bending Schedule For RCC Beams

This construction video tutorial is based on BAR BENDING SCHEDULE FOR RCC BEAM.

From bar bending schedule, one can get the reinforcement calculation for reinforced concrete beam. It gives us details of reinforcement cutting length, type of bends and bend length.

In this construction video, solution is given for two beams having spans of 6 meter. 1st layer of bottom bar of beam is 32 dia and 2nd layer that is called bottom extra is 25 dia.

1st layer of top bar of beam is 25 dia and US bar (extra cover support in second layer) is 25 dia.

Clear cover = 30 mm
Development length = 50 dia
Lapping = 50 dia

To have the complete calculation process, go through the following video

How to arrange bar bending schedule for RCC Beams

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