On site demonstration on setting up formwork for concrete beam construction

Formwork in concrete construction is nothing but a mold for a structure where fresh concrete is poured with the purpose of solidifying it consequently. Formwork is temporary structure and generally it is not demonstrated in the drawings. Types of formwork for concrete construction are based on the material of formwork as well as type of structural element.

Formworks is also categorized on the basis of the type of structural member construction like slab formwork to be applied in slab, beam formwork, column formwork to be applied in beams and columns respectively.

Formwork Materials.

• Wood
• Either all-wood or some wood components
• Plywood
• Aluminum
• Steel
• Plastics

In this construction video tutorial, one can learn how to arrange formwork for concrete beam construction.

Beam formwork is generally formed with either timber or metal panels. In this type of formwork, the process is to produce a box surrounded with frames at the perfect size of the beam and fasten it firmly on the kicker left from base or at the last phase of beam concreting. The box is detained in exact position with steel column clamps or bolted yokes and supported with timber studs or props.

Consideration should be given on the following points for formwork construction It is hard enough to resist all types of dead and live loads.

It should be built up tightly and sustained competently and braced both horizontally and vertically with the intension of preserving its shape.

The joints in the formwork should be firm against seepage of cement grout.

The formwork should be arranged correctly to the preferred line and levels with plane surface.

The material of the formwork should not be twisted when comes in contact with the elements.

It should be supported with firm base.

On site demonstration on setting up formwork for concrete beam construction

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