Benefits of Mivan Aluminium Formwork System for construction sectors

Formwork belongs to either temporary or permanent die or molds into which fresh concrete or equivalent materials are poured to solidify later. Lots of time are required for the development of formwork. It comprises expenditure up to 20 to 25% of the cost of the structure or all the more. Design of these temporary structures is created in an cost-effective way. The procedure for eliminating the formwork is called stripping. Stripped formwork is reusable. Reusable forms are called panel forms and non-usable are known as stationary forms.

Timber is mostly recognized as material for formwork. The main drawback with timber formwork is that it bends, expands and shrinks easily . To overcome this issues MIVAN Formwork can be used to get rid of the issue.

MIVAN ALUMINIUM FORMWORK: A European construction company has created Mivan aluminium formwork system. The product is very cost-effective and suitable for the entire construction world.

Mivan technology can be used for building up great number of houses in a quickest possible time with room size forms to develop walls and slabs in one continuous pour on concrete.

Aluminum formwork saves huge cost toward repetitive Buildings layouts and above the plinth work. This system is very unusual because all the components in a building along with slabs, beams, walls, columns, staircases, balconies and special window hood are formed with devoid of any block works or brick works.

With it’s modular system, it facilitates smooth set up and elimination of formwork and the construction work can progress rapidly containing minimum deviation in dimensional tolerances. System is very compliant and easily customizable for any alternation in the layout. It comprises of four components Beam components, Deck components and wall components which are built with high strength aluminium alloy.

Given below, some useful benefits of Mivan Form :-

Easy to build up and eliminate formwork
Similar formwork can be applied for 1000 times
Plastering is not necessary
High seismic resistance
Rapid finishing of formwork

Benefits of Mivan Aluminium Formwork System for construction sectors

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