Benefits of Concrete floor heating

Reason For Floor Heating: Concrete floor heating is carried out by employing the high thermal mass concerning a concrete slab or floor with preservation of heat in the floor and it performs similar to a large heating panel, to heat the interior space over it and arrange a convenient living surroundings for the occupants.

The hot floor heats the whole space over it and is mostly suitable for finishes like polished concrete floors. Due to its radian output, the concrete floor that has been heated is capable of attaining convenient living conditions at a lower air temperature as compared to normal air heating systems. It is considered as one of the easiest forms of space heating that offers consistent, discreet heat.

The electric constituents or pipes that distribute hot water (called as hydronic systems) are implanted inside the concrete slab or topping screed to heat the concrete slab. Off-peak domestic heating tariffs may also be cost-effective to the homeowner when the energy source remains electricity for either type of system.

Preferably, employing concrete floors for heating is considered as most perfect to the buildings of solid construction where exterior and interior walls also contain a high thermal mass like concrete panel, brick or block walls. These materials, along with the concrete floor function as a heat bank or reservoir which preserve the heat. The method can also be fruitful in buildings of lighter construction along with brick veneer subject to some concern is given to sufficient insulation.


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