Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook – A good resource for civil engineering students

Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook is an exclusive e-book for construction and engineering professionals. The book is written by Dr Chris Tisdell, a mathematician at UNSW, Sydney and a YouTube Partner in Education.

With the blend of free written exercises with free online video tutorials on the Author’s YouTube channel, the book spreads out the free and open education among the engineering students all through the world. Each chapter within the workbook is associated with a video lesson on YouTube where the author briefly explains and resolves problems step-by-step.

The study materials in this book are available online and the students can obtain them at once and as per geographical location that fulfills their requirements.

Under this workbook, every chapter is segregated into learning modules (subsections), each contains its own standalone video tutorial.

One can watch the online video through the hyperlink situated at the top of the page of every learning module, with workbook and paper / tablet at the ready. Alternatively, once can click on the Engineering Mathematics YouTube Workbook playlist to get all the videos for the workbook in sequential order:

The subject material is developed on the basis of the author’s lectures to engineering students at UNSW, Sydney. The readers can utilize this workbook as a revision tool and get the ability to resolve their own set of problems.

Two semesters of calculus is an indispensable requirement for anyone who wants to apply this workbook.

To download a free copy, click on the following link


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