Civil Engineering Flashcards to pass the Civil PE Exam successfully

Civil Engineering in a Flash is specifically designed for the students who want to pass Civil PE exam successfully. These flashcards are packed with basic principles, formulas, equations, laws, units, and conversions. The flash cards are compatible with smart phones and iOS devices.

These flashcards will help the civil engineering students in the following ways :- 

• Study key concepts.
• Improve your skills for solving problems quickly
• Make your confidence better
• Benefitted with 500 cards having crucial information in question form
• Evaluate your progress and rearrange the deck
• Get a complete answer on the opposite side of each card
• the option to flag cards for assessment afterward

Table of contents: 

• Environmental
• Geotechnical
• Transportation
• Water Resources

Link for download Civil Engineering in a Flash for iOS

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Some useful construction tips for placing concrete perfectly

Before assigning concrete, proper planning is required for equipment, layout, projected procedures and methods. Concrete placement remains pending unless formwork is examined and seemed to be appropriate. The equipment required for delivering concrete should be properly sized and designed to maintain incessant discharging of concrete at the time of placing devoid of detachment of any materials based on the project size and placement location.

Concrete is arranged in its finishing position prior to cement is laid primarily as well as concrete is condensed in its final position within 30 minutes of evacuating the mixer.

Once the concrete is placed directly in its final position, it should not be reprocessed or poured in such a manner so that any detachment or loss of materials occur together with dislocation of reinforcement, shuttering or embedded inserts or damaging of its strength.

Concrete is arranged in the shuttering through shovels or other methods and avoid dropping from a height over one metre. Besides, it should be managed properly to avoid detachment.

If concrete is arranged in restricted forms through borrows, buggies, cars, sort chutes or hand shoveling, it should be dependent on the requirement for vertical delivery of limited height to get rid of separation.

As soon as the concrete work starts, it should be continued unless the pour is finished. Concrete must be arranged in sequential horizontal layers with homogenous thickness varying from 150 mm to 900 mm. All these should be arranged quickly as possible to avoid the development of cold joints or planes of weakness amid each subsequent layers inside the pour.

The thickness of each layer must be maintained in such a manner so that it can be placed before the preceding layer that has been hardened. The bucket loads or other units of deposit should be identified gradually by the side of the face of the layer with such overlap so as to allow expanding the layer to homogeneous depth and texture containing least shoveling. If there is any chance for segregation, it must be rectified by shoveling stones into mortar instead of mortar onto stones. Such a condition should be adjusted by redesign of mix or other appropriate methods.

The top surface of each pour and bedding planes must be almost horizontal until conversely stipulated in drawings.

Some useful construction tips for placing concrete perfectly
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Design of circular composite beams with a different concrete core considering the effect of concrete in tension

Presently, the bending resistance of composite steel and concrete circular beams and beam-columns is evaluated supposing the connection amid the steel shell and concrete core but overlooking the behavior of the part concerning the concrete core in tension.

Some natural and numerical researches reveal that an effect of this part of the concrete core on the total value of bending resistance of a composite member is supposed to be very crucial.

 For that reason, this paper explains the process evolved for the design of hollow and solid concrete-filled steel tubular beams on the basis of the test data. It considers an effect of the part of the concrete core in tension and provides an improved agreement with test results than EC4 (EN 1994-1-1 2004).

Also, the paper provides the outcomes of executing analytical, experimental and numerical studies of the hollow centrifuged and solid concrete-filled steel tubular beams.

 Link for download Design of Circular Composite Beams and Columns

Design of Circular Composite Beams and Columns


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Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures – An exclusive ebook for civil & structural engineers

N. Subramanian has written an exclusive ebook alias “Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures”. This construction ebook is intended to fulfill the requirements of the students who desire to register their names with the undergraduate civil and structural engineering programs.

The book primarily focuses on the design of Reinforced Concrete Structures with emphasis on concrete properties, structural elemental designs together with compression and tension members, beams and slabs and flexure designing, shear torsion, uni-axial and biaxial bending and interaction amid such forces.

In each chapter there are solved examples, review questions, practice questions together with plentiful examples supported with brief texts, a massive list of addendums on strut-and-tie-method, soil properties, as well as realistic tips and tricks which enhance the intensity of the contents in the book.

Besides, there are discussions on chemical admixtures, water, mineral admixtures, cement hydration, concrete types, sifcon and simcon, ferrocement, steel reinforcing, corrosion of rebars, cube and cylinder tests which are given in Chapter 1. In chapter 2, there are topics like floor and roof systems, basic structural elements and other such associated studies.

The contents of the book adheres to the present Indian code of practice (IS 456: 2000). Some of the obsolete provisions are substituted with the American code provisions.

 Buy it now Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
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12d Model can streamline the civil engineering, water engineering & land surveying process

12d Solutions is the developer of 12d Model. The most updated version is 12d Model 9.0 C2d. It is very useful for civil engineering, water engineering, land surveying as well as terrain modeling.

The software can be used for the following projects :- 

• Roads
• Rail
• Channels
• Storage Tanks
• Sub-divisions
• Landscaping
• Major Pipelines
• Waste Water Reticulation
• Site Layouts
• Flood Modeling
• Environmental Impact Studies
• And Many More

12d Model contains easy-to-use screen menus and rapid interactive graphics and the users will be able to explore with any design without any difficulty. The software facilitates the users to visualize & accomplish complicated surveying & civil design projects.

The 12d Model software supports Windows XP, VISTA & 7 (including PC Notebooks). The 12d Model Practise Version is a special 5, 000 point version that doesn’t contain any output options or plot outputs. Still, users can plot to a model to preview any plots.

Link for download Surveying, Civil and Water Engineering

12d Model can streamline the civil engineering, water engineering & land surveying process


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Snappii offers some useful construction apps to perform various construction activities efficiently

Now construction professionals use smart phones extensively to complete their tasks in jobsite. Various Apple or Android Apps are used to accomplish all the tasks like Construction Daily Log, Estimating, Operations and Tasks management, Equipment Inspection etc. associated with the construction.

Snappii, the leading developer of various robust ready-made construction apps, offers more than 200 business apps in Apple and Google Appstore which can be downloaded at free of cost. Besides, these apps can be fully customized according to the requirements of various construction companies.

Given below the details of these apps :-

Construction Manager app ( – It is useful for construction managers to perform the following tasks :

• manage construction projects
• produce basic estimates
• trace working hours
• update and trace the advancement of project
• create certain calculations, etc.

Construction Daily Log app – It facilitates the employees to perform the following tasks :

• produce and report daily work logs
• asses the completed amount of work
• Receive push notifications with suitable alerts, etc.

Construction Blueprints and Drawings mobile app – With this app, the users can perform the following tasks :-

• Instantly include project photos, notes, drawings and save on the device
• generate a database of projects
• draw a project initially
• Talk about ideas and experience in a community forum.

Construction Estimator and Bidding app – These apps are useful for contractors, service companies, salespeople and estimators to execute the following tasks :

• Instantly produce on-site estimates for construction and repair projects
• estimate material, labor, subcontract and other costs required to finish a construction project
• Perform all the calculations, to obtain the complete estimated project cost when all the data is entered in.

Construction Change Order app – It is used to perform the following tasks :-

• make change orders on the spots
• create a list of supervisors
• allocate orders to them
• pursue supervisor’s feedback and projected modifications in case of rejections.

Construction Calculator app – It consists of a series of valuable calculators which can be utilized in the construction jobsite offline. The app can apply US feet and European meters and the metrics can be simply included through the app settings.

Construction Equipment Inspection app – This app can deal with construction equipment. The app is applied to perform instant mobile inspections and preserve equipment in suitable condition as well as offer great solution for equipments inventory.

Track Construction Equipment app – It is intended for making an inventory of construction equipment, trace whether this equipment is utilized in a construction site or not. By applying scanning bar codes or keywords, users will be able to include new construction equipment or explore with the database of the existing items.

All these construction apps are available for free download from Apple and Google Play Stores.

To avail more helpful apps, visit

Construction Apps Free


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“Build Your Own House” – An outstanding construction e-book by Carl Heldmann

Carl Heldmann published an exceptional ebook alias ‘Build your own house”. This construction e-book will guide you for constructing a new house as well as reforming your home, developing a home addition and cost estimation for constructing a house or developing a home addition.

This construction book contains 85 Pages and numerous color photos. The book will improve your skills to become an efficient general contractor. The book will cover the following topics :- 

• From where to start.
• How to choose land to develop any building.
• How to adopt House Plans.
• How to study House Plans.
• How to set up a Home Building Budget.
• How to figure out cost estimation for developing your home.
• How to discover good subcontractors.
• How to deal with and reimburse your subcontractors.
• How to get a reduction on home building materials.
• How to develop a home through step by step process.
• How to procure home construction loans.

This informative Home Building eBook will cost $9.95, but it can be downloaded at free of cost for a limited time period.

Link for download Build Your Own House – Free eBook

Build Your Own House


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QuoteExpress Sheet Metal On-Screen 3.0

Kerry Brainard comes up with a useful construction video for construction professionals that teaches you how to input of pdf files onscreen as well as estimate material and labor cost through QuoteExpress Sheet Metal On-Screen 3.0 developed by Quote Software Inc.

Watch the following demo video that focuses on how it works.

QuoteExpress Sheet Metal On-Screen 3.0


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Some useful construction tips for installing brick cladding toward a drainage cavity wall

This construction video will highlight step by step processes to set up brick cladding for a drainage cavity wall.

Brick cladding refers to an outer facing in support of a structure that is formed with brick. Cladding generally contains the outer coating of a building, the layer of a structure that safeguards the inward. Brick cladding is developed for the purpose of shedding and preventing water to stop the flow of water to the internal framing of the building. This resists the possibility of damage to the framing due to mold and mildew. It also keeps water away from entering the inside of the structure, maintaining the interior dry.

Cladding is also useful for consuming some impacts, and to offer some insulation. The various layers of a building are formed partly to trap air and maintain temperature unchanging by making an insulating block. If the layers of insulation are increased, the requirement for managing climate will be decreased as the climate control is developed with the structure. Impacts like high winds and collisions with object can also be consumed partly through the cladding that in turns safeguards the structural elements of a building.

Some useful construction tips for installing brick cladding


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How to design a singly reinforcement concrete beam with RCM

This construction video shows the functionalities of RCM, a handy software for designing singly reinforcement concrete beam.

RCM is an adaptable and widely recognized tool for the structural engineers to create the design of various types of reinforced concrete members based on ACI318M-11 Code and other ACI Standards like ACI350M-06, ACI244R-01, CRSI-2008 etc.

The RCM can be used for providing complete through design reports containing full formulas and exemplifying figures just close to manual calculation.

The complete detailed reports transform RCM design engine to an open book, so the engineer can smoothly certify and authorize them. RCM reports allow the engineers to learn ACI Code thoroughly.

reinforcement concrete beam with RCM


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