How to estimate HVAC Equipment Pricing & labor cost

Estimating Wizard Youtuber has presented this useful construction video for HVAC estimators. This video will teach you how to make estimation for HVAC Equipment Pricing and labor cost into the estimating wizard spreadsheet.

HVAC Estimating Spreadsheet is useful for ductwork sizing, pressure drop calculations, and building load calculations.
Download the spreadsheet from


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SAFI Bridge is a useful construction program to Analyze & design 2D and 3D bridge models

The SAFI Bridge program is very useful for engineers to study, validate, assess, generate and design large and complicated 2D and 3D bridge models having different types and sizes on the basis of standard or non-standard moving loads. With this construction program, the engineers can validate and design steel, composite, reinforced concrete, bridges together with pre-stressed bridge girders.

 The SAFI bridge analysis component of the program is based on the autonomous and customary code and it contains incomparable graphical user interface.

 The SAFI Bridge program contains the following features :-

• The program accomplishes numerous simultaneous or non simultaneous standard and non standard moving  loads analysis with plain and complicated procedures.
• The program consists of a wide-ranging library containing more than 25 standard trucks and a moving load    editor for user defined trucks and trains.
• The moving loads can be transmitted to selected elements of the model.
• Impact factors are assigned for a whole truck load or following a per axle basis along with lane loads. Axles can    be expanded on the basis of some bridge design codes like the CAN/CSA S6-06 code

• Lateral distribution factors toward moment, shear and deflection are substantiated.

• Envelopes of response are procured with the integration of moving loads, lane loads and non moving loads.
• Incremental analysis is performed considering staged constructions.
• Load factors are established automatically by the program while analyzing a subsisting bridge.
• The advanced query engine is applied to determine the relevant forces and utmost values at any point of the      structure

• SAFI Bridge facilitates the query analysis results and associated results at any point of the structure

SAFI Bridge can assess and design steel, composite, reinforced concrete, bridges together with pre-stressed bridge girders.

Download SAFI Bridge Sheet for visit to site

SAFI Bridge


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PROKON 3.0 for structural analysis, design and detailing

PROKON, a software suite that contains forty structural analysis, design and detailing programs to simplify the Structural Analysis and Design process. The PROKON programs were first introduced in 1989, and nowadays PROKON is recognized globally.

The suite is modular type, but its effectiveness remains in the tight assimilation amid analysis, design and detailing programs.

PROKON is evolved and supported by a team of professional engineers and designed for the sake of structural engineers and technicians. The software can easily resolve day-to-day structural engineering problems in least time.

This construction program offers the following functionalities :-

• Frame and finite element analysis.

• Steel member design.

• Steel connection design.

• Reinforced and prestressed concrete design.

• CAD and reinforced concrete detailing.

• Timber member design.

• Masonry design.

• Other structural applications like section properties calculation and section database.

A series of geotechnical analysis modules is also accessible as part of the PROKON suite.

The link for download the latest version alias PROKON 3.0


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MITCalc Beam Calculation Software for analyzing stress and deflection of the beam

MITCalc Beam Calculation Software is a very handy excel based estimating program from MITCalc. Various constructional professionals like structural & mechanical engineer, design engineer, engineering draughtsman, technical employees can use this estimating program for creating estimation of straight, maximum three times static indefinite beams containing constant axis-symmetrical profiles. This construction application supports multi-language, Imperial and Metric units.

 MITCalc Beam Calculation Software offers the following functionalities:

• Clear description of the type of beam and its loading with visual check.
• Estimation of area characteristics of 20 types of cross sections
• Computation of reactions in supports.
• Estimation of least / highest bending moment, stress and deflection of the beam.
• Calculation and graphic demonstration of the moment, stress, deflection and bending angle of the loaded beam.

The application consists of a table of materials and a table of area characteristics of W, S, C, L profiles acc. to ANSI/AISC and I, U, L a T profiles acc. to DIN/ISO. Used standards: DIN 1025, 1026, 1028, 1029, 1024, AISC W, S, C, L, LU. This module is a part of MITCalc – Mechanical and Technical Calculation Package for gear, belt and chain drives, springs, beam, shaft, bolt connection, shaft connection, tolerances and many others.

Link for download MITCalc Beam Calculation Software

MITCalc Beam Calculation Software


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How cement is used as useful construction materials in all through the globe

In recent time, cement is considered as the one of the most crucial construction materials in building and construction industries that is utilized extensively all through the globe to build up various engineering structures.

Generally cement is applied individually as a material for plastering but it can also be used with mortar as well as concrete by blending it with inert material called aggregate to develop a robust building material. Given below some diversified usages of cement :-

1. The most vital application is to form concrete and mortar.

2. Cement mortar is utilized with masonry work, plaster, pointing, etc.

3. Cement concrete is useful for placing floors, roofs, constructing lintels, beams, weather sheds, stairs, pillars, etc.

4. It is also utilized to build up endurable engineering structures like bridges, culvert, dams, tunnels, storage reservoirs, light houses, docks, etc.

5. It is also applied for structuring of water tanks, tennis courts, septic tanks, lamp posts, roads, telephone cabins, etc.

6. With cement, the joints can be developed for drains, pipes, etc.

7. All the precast pipes, garden seats, aesthetically designed urns, flower pots, dust bins, fencing posts, etc are built up with cement.

8. It is also a vital element for foundations, watertight floors, footpaths, etc.

9. It can also develop fire-resistant structures in the shape of concrete as well as acid-resistance and water-resistant structures.

10. Any color can be mixed with cement and used for beautifying or coloring the structures.

11. It is applied for concreting the tunnel or geological walls to increase the durability of the structure.


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Process for shattering and roof binding of a concrete roof

This construction video is very useful for civil engineering students. By going through this vide one can gather crucial information on Shattering details (Roof, Column), Rod binding, Beam set instruction, Roof reinforcement binding details, Roof casting instruction, Construction joint instruction, Curing details which are required to construct a building.

shattering and roof binding of a concrete roof


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B2W Estimate – An exclusive bid management software

B2W Estimate is known as BID2WIN previously. It is a useful construction software toward heavy construction contractors that can be applied for construction cost estimating and bid management efficiently. With B2W Estimate, the construction contractors get the ability to estimate material & labor costs as well as track vendor and subcontractor correspondence, manipulate documents like requests for quotations (RFQs) and manage bids.

More than 5,000 users from different corner of the world have used this bid management software. B2W Estimate supports Excel, the Department of Transportation (DOT) electronic bidding system and its sister project management product, B2W Track. Besides, It can work with various other accounting and project management systems like Viewpoint, Oracle, Dexter + Chaney, Foundation, Maxwell Systems and lots other.

B2W Estimate is launched for the sake of earthwork, paving, utility and other types of heavy/highway contractors. It deals with a wide array of projects spanning from bridges and tunnels, to marine and railroad, to landscaping and golf course projects. It is specifically useful for midsized and large contractors handling $5 million to over $500 million in revenue per annum.

B2W Estimate is created on the basis of Microsoft .NET and SQL Server platform. These are Microsoft Gold Partner, Oracle Gold Partner and Viewpoint Development Partner.

This construction estimating software offers the following benefits :-

  • It is useful for civil but inevitably vertical construction.
  • Capacity to generate crews instantly.
  • Capacity to figure out margin aside from markup.
  • I reduced my bid time by 25%
  • Capability to set up perfect and complete bids in a quickest possible time and decrease bid time by 25%

Link for download B2W Estimate – Estimating & Bidding Software

B2W Estimate – An exclusive bid management software


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Structural Mechanics: Modelling and Analysis of Frames and Trusses – An exclusive e-book for structural engineers

Karl-Gunnar Olsson and Ola Dahlblom both published an exclusive e-book for structural engineers. This book is known as Structural Mechanics: Modelling and Analysis of Frames and Trusses. The book is available in kindle edition. The book is written in English language and contains 320 pages.

 The book analyzes the basic concepts of structural mechanics as well as the modelling and analysis of frame and truss structures.

 This construction book consists of the following features :-

 Focuses on modelling and analysis concerning trusses and frames by applying a systematic matrix formulated displacement procedure with the language and suppleness of the finite element procedure.

  • Element matrices are set up from analytical solutions to the differential equations.
  • Offers a robust toolbox that contains elements and algorithms toward computational modelling and numerical examination of truss and frame structures.
  • Narrates the concept of stiffness to be a intuitive tool for analyzing structural behaviour.
  • There are several exercises and some of them are supported with the leading computer software CALFEM. In order to accelerate the objective of learning. CALFEM offers the user detailed information on the matrices and algorithms applied in a finite element analysis

Buy the book from amazon Structural Mechanics: Modelling and Analysis of Frames and Trusses

Structural Mechanics: Modelling and Analysis of Frames and Trusses
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Calculate construction labor rates perfectly with this estimating spreadsheet

Construction Labor Rates Estimate Spreadsheet will help you to figure out labor rates efficiently. This construction estimating spreadsheet consists of sheet metal shop & filed labor rates, HVAC Piping shop and Field, as well as Plumbing Shop and Field labor rates.

This estimating spreadsheet is very useful for contractors as it provides guidance and assistance in working with the Hourly Labor Rate.


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Design various types of reinforced concrete members with RCM ACI-Builder Software

RCM ACI-Builder Software is a simple tool for structural engineers to design several types of reinforced concrete members with adhering to ACI318M-11 code.

 This useful structural engineering software can produce comprehensive design output report involving complete formulas and explanatory figures. This construction program can easily resolve practical issues associated with design. Besides, it can be applied for educational purpose as it facilitates the engineers to gather thorough knowledge on ACI code.

 RCM ACI-Builder Software contains the following items:

 A. Design of flexural members (Rectangular and T-Shape Sections):

 A.1-Ascertain section characteristic under balance case, singly reinforced section & doubly reinforced section.

A.2-Estimate area of steel in accordance with applied moment.
A.3-Estimate moment as per alloted area of steel.

B. Design of Shear under following cases:

B.1- Members based on shear and flexure only.

B.2- Members based on shear and axial compression.
B.3- Members based on shear and significant axial tension.

C. Design of combined shear and torsion under both cases of compatibility and equilibrium torsion.

 D. Design of punching for prestressed and non-prestressed members with all column geometry cases: interior, edge & corner columns.

 E. Manage current and enduring deflection for beams and slabs.

 F. Design of corbels and brackets.

 Link for download Design various types of reinforced concrete members with RCM ACI-Builder Software

G. Deal with flexural cracking in beams and one-way slabs.

H. Design of pile-caps with most general geometry cases: 2,3,4,5 & Strip-Pile Caps.

I. Design of isolated footings under eccentrically and concentrically case of loading. 

reinforced concrete members


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