Download MEP Estimating Software

The Viewpoint MEP Estimating (Which was earlier known as Maxwell Estimation) is actually a sophisticated estimating programme altogether.

It has range of specialization such as generating estimates, takeoff for HVAC, mechanical, residential and commercial plumbing and electrical firms.

It consists of trade-specific abilities of estimation to generating the help of most of the accurate and financially reasonable estimates possible.

This software also consists of a database update with most recent price for materials and labour for every industry.

The viewpoint MEP Estimating also includes some salient features in the likes of:

There is also some “what-if” analysis. The integrated takeoff module permits users to download plans from online plan rooms and use them to generate takeoffs devoid of stylus pens and digitizer boards. GTCO’s Rollup Digitizer and Rigid Digitizer integrate with the system to streamline the takeoff process, if estimators prefer to use digitizer boards.

The Rollup Digitizer is a smile digitizer set up for utilizing in the field and designed to effortlessly roll up into a convenient carrying case, while the Rigid Digitizer is an everlasting fixture offering a more traditional digitizer board. In addition to all this, users ill take pleasure in a conversion calculator, CAD file integration, automatic scaling, and other features.

Viewpoint has exact solutions for every role in the project ecosystem as part of its integrated product platform, from mobile apps to serve up the field staff to content management solutions for estimators and contract administrators. It’s a best fit for any type of contractor, business role, or project role, including General Contractors, Subcontractors, CEOs, Suppliers, Architects, Project Managers, or Engineers.

Download MEP Estimating Software

MEP Estimating Software
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Sage 100 Contractor Demo

Sage 100 Contractor which was earlier known as Sage Master-builder Construction Software is construction software that has gone beyond basic accounting, putting you in whole control of your construction projects.

It boosted up level of competence and output with information that flows perfectly from job estimate to the job site to the financial statement.

It can supervise the construction accounting, project management, construction estimating, and service management all in a construction software solution.

Sage 100 Contractor has been in recent times updated and features a wide-ranging suite of modules covering the total job lifecycle.

With a simpler design to cut down your learning curve, and improve the service management, vendor, reporting and other abilities to enhance your efficiency, Sage 100 Contractor gives all the tools you require to work and manage your increasing construction or contractor business.

Sage 100 Contractor which was earlier known as Sage MasterBuilder Construction Software

With Sage 100 Contractor, you obtain:

Enhanced ability for service departments Quicker report search Improved contact and vendor management Ability to email stubs for direct deposit Tighter job-level security Faster validation of purchase orders, invoices, and committed costs.

If you’re looking to go beyond spreadsheets or basic general accounting software to a construction system that joins accounting, project management, estimating and service management all in one place, take to be an upgrade to Sage 100 Contractor.

Reference:- Sage Construction and Real Estate


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JobFLEX Pro is the next generation estimating app

JobFLEX™ is going to launch the latest version of its mobile compatible estimating app alias JobFLEX Pro. This newest estimating app is available in Google Play™ free of charge in Spring, 2015.

With JobFLEX, the users can generate error free professional estimates instantly in the office or in the field devoid of any 4G or Wi-Fi Connection.

The free Google Play version of the app comes with the following attributes :-

  • Generate estimates from any location devoid of any 4G or Wi-Fi connection
  • A new easy-to-use and compact interface
  • Quick in-app access to account settings
  • Extensive materials list which can be easily created and edited from any remote location
  • Assign photos in estimates to get an clear conception
  • Adaptable format for a single estimate
  • Preview, email, or print estimates with just one click
  • Unrestricted customer support

For enjoying more advanced features, the users can use the updated versions alias JobFLEX Basic or Pro package. All the project files ranging from customer information, photos, quotes/estimates, job sheets, etc. are uploaded to a protected File Directory and the users can avail these files later, out of a mobile gadget or a computer.

There a version of JobFLEX Pro, for companies with several users, contains the File Directory feature together with a CRM, scheduling tools, and reports.

JobFLEX™ is offering a beta testing program for beta testers and reviewers to make assessment of this new estimating app.

Selected beta testers will then be offered to use the JobFLEX Pro version at free of cost for six month (a $600 value). Beta testers and reviewers should have to apply an Android device and perform and/or publish in one of the following industries to meet the criteria:

  • Construction-General Contracting, HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, Landscaping, Remodeling, etc.
  • Service-Catering, Sign Companies, Advertising, Sales Reps, Specialty Services, etc.

In order to participate in beta testing program, visit

For getting more updates, visit

JobFLEX Pro is the next generation estimating app


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How to solve a loading problem regarding structural-slab loading on a column

Civil Engineering Academy provides series of video tutorials which are very useful for students to pass the Civil PE Exam successfully. The following video tutorial is a part of their video tutorial series.

This construction video highlights the solution for resolving the loading problem concerning structural-slab loading on a column.

In this video you will find a concrete slab and its thickness is 5”. The loading is also given. Learn how to work out reaction in column B (Kips).


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How to get the load distance of a crane over a building

Civil Engineering Academy presents a useful video tutorial that provides great benefit to the student who will appear in Civil PE Exam. Thisconstruction video is based on how to obtain the load distance of a crane across a building.

A crane having a 80’ book is applied to provide a load over a building. In this video point X denotes the nearest position of boom toward the building.

Now the question is that what will be the extreme distance that the load contains from the edge of the building if the boom is totally expanded (feet)?


Civil Engineering Academy presents a useful video tutorial that provides great benefit to the student who will appear in Civil PE Exam.


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Renovation Construction Budget Spreadsheet

Implementing renovations, alterations or modifications in a construction requires a precisebudget planning. Whether it is a major change or a minor one, line item construction budget spreadsheet helps in preparing cost estimates in an organized and effective manner.

This spreadsheet is very simple to use. Users just need to fill out estimated and actual costs in the yellow cells with budget projections for each of the applicable line items. The rest of the cells are calculatedautomatically. As the project progresses, estimators can use the “Actual Cost” and “Change Order” columns to track their expenditures in relation to their budget projections. The various line items that must be considered to obtain the Total Project Cost include:

Sticks and Bricks: Demolition, New foundation and footings, ConcreteFlatwork- Interior, Foundation repair, Waterproofing, Structural remediation, Termite treatment, Masonry- Tuckpoint/ Repair, Carpentry- Rough Framing, Electrical Service, Water Service, Doors and Windows, Electrical wiring, Doors, Flooring, Painting, Appliances, Miscellaneous Building Materials, etc.

Site: Excavation and Grading, Site improvements, Fencing, Landscaping, etc.

Professional: Consultants like Accountant, Architect, Structural, and others.

Development: Property Acquisition, Property Inspections, Taxes, Insurance, Monthly Utilities like Electric, Gas, Security, Water. Sales Commission, Developer Fee, etc.

Renovation Construction Budget Spreadsheet

Construction Contingency: It is also necessary to provide accurate value for item estimate, unit cost, unit, accepted bid, actual cost, difference and other particulars to attain comprehensive renovation construction budget.


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Testifying Tips That Civil Engineering Should Follow

Litigation was the only way to fix the matter whenever a stiff dispute breaks out in a construction project. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism is such a thing that project stakeholders love to take to resolve those differences such as arbitration, in contract documents.

But the stake holders here always need the participation of civil engineers as fact witness or expert witness in any form of litigation or ADR. The fact witness is one of the parties involved in the dispute, whereas the expert witness is always hired by the parties to give analysis and opinion of one or more issues in the matter.

Despite of the dispute mechanism in work, and whether appearing as a fact or expert witness, civil engineers must have the aptitude to present their position entirely and influentially. The main duty would be to tutor the technical aspect of the case under the curtain to the judges, juries or arbitrators. The civil engineers have to be pursuing the tips and tricks while participating in the dispute resolution process.

Honesty: While making a public statement, civil engineers generally holds the higher standard. Take it an example as Canon 3 of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Code of Ethics says: “Engineers shall issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner.” In addition, Guideline (c) to Canon 3 says that when serving as expert witnesses, engineers’ view must be taken enough knowledge of the facts and honest conviction. There are many tales in the market doing around those experts helps their clients only, but providing information to judges may be trap from which witness cannot be escape. In spite of codes or guidelines, handing the testimony honestly is the only a noble approach.

Always be prepared: Although there is no solid confirmation or proof that strengthens the proposition, it is probably the former Boy Scouts make the best witnesses. The scouting motto of “be prepared” is pretty an apt for civil engineers allowing an examination in a legal proceeding. Similarly with any project meeting with stakeholders, civil engineers must get ready for their taking-part in dispute resolution. The problem is unavoidable time lag between the time you plan for your testimony and the definite date of the hearing. For example, when the attorneys conduct discovery, such as depositions, a noteworthy amount of time may gone pass. It is vital that you evaluate your file, notes, important exhibits, and documents just ahead of the hearing. Moreover, if you equipped an expert report, you should re-familiarize yourself with not only the report, but also the source documents. Witnesses who are hesitant of how they performed their analyses or reached their conclusion lose trustworthiness. Finally, and while this may seem obvious, it is nevertheless often unnoticed: You must evaluate your deposition transcript. Opposing attorneys salivate at the thought of an engineer making a statement in a hearing that is contradictory with one made in a deposition. In summaries: You can never make out your material too well.

Practice well: Civil engineers know that displaying to clients, project teams, and government officials is a vital part of their responsibilities. It is easy to presume wrongly that testifying is just another display only and there is no need to practice. However, arbitrators, judges, and juries are better capable of understanding the dispute when engineers have practiced the providing unified, understandable, well planned responses to both direct and potential cross-examination questions. In other side, finding for an answer, where it may emerge that the witness is exaggerating a reply on the spot, is not an effectual or credible or convincing means of communication.

Display of professionalism and self-reliance: Most civil engineers would have the same opinion that professionalism is a mannerism that should infuse all facets of their professional lives. Simplicity will leave you an impression with your audience, such as a neat look, sitting erect, and affecting a positive behavior.

Don’t be a problem solver for the opposition: Civil engineers are problem solvers by their nature. They outshine the assisting client and full project team – in determining the action for issues that happen during the design and construction phases of a project. This is a commendable skill, but there may be risk: When opposing counsel asks an undefined question, engineers often view it as a dilemma for resolving, rather than a chance to repeat the position they should be advocating.

Speak to audience: The ASCE “Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge, 2nd Edition,” recognizes communication as a vital professional result for civil engineers, who must build up the capability to “plan, compose, and integrate the verbal, written, virtual, and graphical communication of a project to technical and non-technical audiences.” When serving as a witness, your first task is to comprehend the mind of the audience to whom you are talking. For example, if the forum is arbitration, the bench of arbitrators almost certainly has more than a passing understanding of construction and engineering ideas. Moreover, arbitrators have the authority to ask for a clarification immediately if they do not fully understand a term or concept. Therefore, a more technically nuanced approach is likely acceptable and advisable.

Calmness: Remaining pleasing and polite and docile and respectful is advisable without difficulty, but tough to continue in stress situations, especially when a fault can be expensive to your side’s case. The opposing attorney will often exploit tactics to irritate or upset you. Do not take an attraction. Emotional overreaction or fuming responses may display that you are not a rational or logical person.

Follow the leaders: Engineers, in particular those who have achieved the necessary knowledge and experience to deserve getting job as an experts, are familiarized to directing action from a position of authority. Presenting the case is the attorney’s responsibility. Thus, it is important to comprehend that methods for providing testimony are meant for attorney. The civil engineers’ knowledge, acquaintance, skill, experience and perspective make them necessary, and they should be permitted to give important input into case preparation and arrangement. The planning and execution of the claim is the attorney’s liability, and engineers can not go off the script and steal the show. A useful testimonial technique civil engineers should use is that of the late response. In normal discussion it is not unusual for a person to “step on” a question by reacting before the speaker is finished.

Testifying Tips for Civil Engineering

The answer is given before the question is fully asked. When the engineer is unsuccessful to stay for the attorney to finish the question, it disrupts the flow of an attorney’s presentation, and perhaps distracts point the attorney is making. Civil engineers should control themselves to wait their responses for a “beat” – one full second – which permits the attorney to fully extend the question so the answer gives the greatest impact.


If a project dispute arrives at the point where litigation or ADR is needed, it is likely that the claims involved are not easy and regular, but fairly complex.

Through high-quality preparation and professional conduct, civil engineers – whether named as expert or fact witnesses – can give valuable support to judges, juries, and arbitrators wading.


Additionally, following these guiding principles will make the most of the chance to produce a positive domino effect: The first domino is your competent articulation of your position, followed by the thorough education of your audience, with the final domino – hopefully – being a favorable result in the matter.


This is an excerpt from the write-up from John V. Tocco, J.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Lawrence Technological University, published


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Electrical Estimating Methods (RSMeans) – an exclusive estimating book for electrical estimators & contractors

Wayne J. Del Pico has written an exclusive book alias Electrical Estimating Methods (RSMeans) 4th edition. This construction estimating book contains an extensive database of electrical costs and electrical materials which are based RS Means Database.

This estimating book facilitates the electric estimators as well as electrical contractors to apply superior electrical estimating processes through most updated electrical cost data, materials and practices.

With this book the electrical contractors will be able to provide the total cost for materials, labor, overhead and profit precisely.

The book focuses on the following aspects:-

  • Analysis of up-to-date equipment, materials, and processes
  • RS Means data for both residential and commercial projects
  • Case studies that demonstrate greatest practices
  • Avail the current RS Means data online for quick access on the job

Electrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition consists of 120+ topics in 26 chapters for exhaustive guideline on offering estimates for virtually any electrical task or project. This edition is aimed at revealing recent labor–hour productivities and practices for procuring material prices compliant with legitimate industry standards and most excellent practices.

The following features are included in this estimating book:-

  • Tables for calculating labor–hours for a series of tasks and conditions
  • Directives for procuring the most synchronized material prices
  • Fresh chapters on electrical demolition, change orders, and project closeout offer a in-depth system to estimating
  • Industry standards and greatest practices from document review with bidding strategies
  • Analysis on bidding strategies, pre–bid scheduling for time sensitive costs, and computer estimating

The contains 288 pages and available in Kindle edition.

Buy the book from Amazon

Wayne J. Del Pico has written an exclusive book alias Electrical Estimating Methods (RSMeans) 4th edition.


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Webeye cms is an exclusive construction app to monitor the situation in your construction jobsite

WebEye CMS is the world’s first ever complete cloud supported self observation solution toward the RSI Videofied wireless video alarm system. This construction app is compatible with all android devices.

For any theft or danger situation, the construction professionals can push the SOS panic button or the discreet hot key panic button in-built with the device to transmit an alert to the other commissioned devices for tracking the location of the situation in real time.

This high speed & fully authentic application will facilitate the construction professionals to get rid of any criminal activities and thus enhance the security of the jobsite workers to a great extent.

Webeye puts up the supervising of alarm systems via two ways ranging from a modern browser on any PC or tablet, or a smart phone app.

  • The browser system facilitates the construction professionals to install their own surveillance station with least cost. Here a modern browser is essential.
  • The smart phone app system facilitates to display the related site name, date/time of activation and type of alarm through an alarm list in the smart phone.

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