Brief explanation of welded connection of single angle section with gusset connection

In this construction video tutorial, one can learn how to follow IS 800-2007 limit state method for developing the welded connection of the single angle section that contains gusset connection.

You will learn what exactly a welded connection is in tension members. When two members in a structure are associated using the welds, such a connection is defined as welded connection.

The elementary types of welded connections are categorized on the basis of the types of welds, position of welds and type of joint.

Depending on the type of weld, welds are categorized into fillet weld, groove weld (or butt weld), plug weld, slot weld, spot weld etc.

Welding facilitates transmission of stress directly among members removing gusset and splice plates which are essential for bolted structures. Therefore, the weight of the joint is lowest. Toward tension members, the nonexistence of holes enhances the effectiveness of the section. It includes fewer fabrication cost with regard to other methods because of execution of fewer parts and removal of operations like drilling, punching etc. and subsequently fewer labor resulting in cost reduction.

Single-angle compression members belong to simple structural components. It is very complicated to make analysis and design of these members. These members are generally associated with other members through one leg only. Therefore, the load is employed eccentrically.

A gusset plate is made of a thick sheet of steel used for linking various structural steel elements like beams and girders to columns as well as uniting truss members. The gusset plate is set up at the juncture of two or more adjoining beams, chords, or columns. It is tied to each steel framing member with bolts, rivets or welding or an amalgamation of the three. The objective of the gusset plates is to connect the steel together as well as provide strength and support to each joint. These are mostly found in bridges and buildings as well as other structures.

Watch the online demonstration.

Brief explanation of welded connection of single angle section with gusset connection

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Variations among rough cost and detailed cost

This construction video tutorial sheds light on definition of rough cost and detailed cost and variations among them.

Rough cost estimate plays an important role in construction. If there are huge variations among the rough estimate and the cost of construction that may impact the decision to begin a project. If the rough cost is too high, project may be left devoid of creating its detailed estimate.

Alternatively, if the rough cost is too low then project may begin but once the detailed estimate is made, design and drawings are cancelled because of shortage of fund.

Detailed cost estimates should be made cautiously. These briefly estimate the cost of different items work that set ups the entire project. Detailed estimates are accomplished once the detailed working drawings are made together with specifications. If any error occurs in rough cost estimate, then it will provide great influence in detailed cost estimates.

In this video, example is given for a plinth area having 400 sft. Plinth area belongs to the built up covered area that is computed at floor level of the basement or of any story of building.

The rate is charged as Rs. 400 per square feet and it includes 8% of electricity, 4% of water, 4% of sanitary, 4% Gas etc.

Detailed cost includes earth work, concrete work, brickwork in foundation, DPC (damp proof course), brickwork concerning superstructure, cement plaster, white washing.

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How to generate bar bending schedule for the floor columns

This construction video will teach you how to produce bar bending schedule on the basis of the section drawing of floor column from ground floor to first floor.

Details of section drawing:

The height is given from ground floor to first floor as 3000 mm or 3 meter.
There are stirrups, main bars, beam and over lapping for column.

The overlapping for the column from 1st floor to 2nd floor is given as 50D.
The actual length of the column is given as 2543 mm i.e. stirrups will come up to this.

Stirrups Details:
The breadth of the column is 300 mm
The depth of the column is 450 mm
The cover is taken 40 mm on both sides
There are 6 main bars with 12 dia meter
There are stirrups of 8 mm with 100 mm spacing center to center

Based on the above, the calculation is made. Watch the following video to get the detailed calculation process.


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Construction Estimators: Concrete Take-offs from PDF files On-Screen

Now, for construction estimators this video demonstration of concrete take-offs from PDF / TIFF files On-Screen, using an Excel spreadsheet is very handy. Save time and cut your costs.

Dave Valente, Owner of Solution Technologies, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland Area, is the creator of this outstanding help out. Founded in 1993, Solution Technologies, Inc, his Solution Technologies provides computer software and electronic equipment for construction, engineering, and manufacturing firms.

Founded in 1993, Solution Technologies, Inc, his Solution Technologies provides computer software and electronic equipment for construction, engineering, and manufacturing firms.

STI is a registered Maryland corporation, listed with Dun & Bradstreet and the Central Contractor Registry of the US Department of Defense. Solution Technologies, Inc. is been listed as an “Accredited Business” with the Better Business Bureau since 2002.

He had an illustrious career. Premier Design Systems. In 1992 – 1993 (1 year), CADO Systems May 1982 – May 1992 (10 years 1 month) Baltimore, Maryland Area Specialized in sales to construction firms: Job Cost Accounting, Project Management and Estimating software. Chief Estimator

Star Contractors, June 1976 – April 1982 (5 years 11 months) Baltimore, Maryland Area. He is 2-D and 3-D Digitizers and Laser Scanners for construction, engineering, manufacturing, and research.

This video will given us detail:


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